Bigger, better, stronger: PH Animal Industry post-pandemic

As they say, there is no way but up as we attempt to rise from the ashes post COVID-19. But for us to truly recover - and do better - we must come together as one for the sake of our country's animal industry.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, learn, work, and interact with each other. The world was put into a long pause as mankind worked together to overcome the pandemic. Through the efforts and cooperation of health workers, scientists, world leaders, and each and every person in practically every corner of the world, after more than two years, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And we hope this time, it really it is. If anything, the pandemic gave us a unique opportunity to reconsider and rethink the way we live our daily lives. COVID-19 has taught us lessons - albeit in a very deadly manner. As we close one chapter in history, we open another one with optimism and the lessons we have learned. Our country's animal industry was not spared from the effects of the pandemic. Many businesses limped through the pandemic, paired with the spread of the African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza, among other challenges. And as we know, when the animal industry is affected, we see a domino effect: prices of commodities rise, economy suffers, and stomachs rumble. As we begin to regain our footing post-COVID-19, we have an obligation to the Filipino people to learn from the lessons the pandemic brought us: to change what's needing changes, to improve on what we already have, to build on top of the things we've done right. As our first step towards recovery - and eventually towards a better, bigger, and stronger Philippine animal industry - we are holding the International Farmers' Summit 2022 on June 9 to 11 at the SMX Convention Center. This is going to be one of the biggest physical gatherings post-pandemic and, in a way, will serve as a litmus test for the future of our industry. In line with this, we are also launching the Philippine Veterinary Drug Association's official publication: The Farmer's Digest. Our vision is to make this publication an avenue for everyone in the industry to send their message across. We invite you to contribute and collaborate with us as we deliver industry updates, important announcements, the latest news and other information that are essential to our farmers, business owners, stakeholders, and the entire animal industry as a whole. Your support in this endeavour will go a long way as we believe that the first step towards a stronger industry is through strong ties that bind together our stakeholders - and that's how we envision The Farmer's Digest. We are entering a new era, leaving behind the COVID-19 pandemic - hopefully - in the past. But as we move forward, let us not wast, the opportunity to learn from our experiences, from the challenges and adversities, and use them to make our country's animal industry bigger, stronger. and better.


Welcome to the Farmers Digest

Let me take this opportunity to thank the leadership of the PVDA and PVDA Foundation for ensuring this much-awaited International Farmers Summit 2022 to happen. This momentous event encourages us to participate and to share our part on its advocacy. As PVDA Foundation President, we thank the PVDA, led by our young & vibrant leaders, for taking the challenge to work with our industry experts together with the DA,BAI, FDA and FPA to be at the forefront of recovery efforts for the swine & poultry industries. They have launched their ASF control, prevention and swine repopulation, and rabies awareness campaigns in the swine farming and companion animal care respectively. We know that recovery implies overcoming adversities and achieving normalization with multiple interventions not limited to veterinary care solutions. In this regard, the PVDA and PVDA Foundation are jointly launching its maiden issue of the Farmer's Digest having both local and international contents, These include updates on the swine, cattle, poultry- both backyard and commercial, the companion animal & exotic creatures industries, the PVDA membership, government agriculture sectors, among others to offer and share relevant information towards the overall development of the agricultural industry as a whole. We hope that our campaign and sharing contents through this newsletter can inject additional excitement in our agricultural, poultry and livestock farming, pet-care community and exotic creatures. Once again, let me extend my sincere congratulations to the IFS Chairman, Mr Danilo A. Sanchez and its Officers, to the PVDA officers, to all men & women who are behind this noble project. Another milestone achievement ! Mabuhay tayong lahat !




Organized by the Philippine Veterinary Drug Foundation Inc.